Casco Bay District Events

09/05Casco Bay Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
09/05Casco Bay Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
09/06Casco Bay District Eagle Boards
09/12Casco Bay Commissioners
09/12Casco Bay District Committee Meeting
09/14 - 09/16OA Induction Weekend (Ordeal)
09/16OA Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
10/03Casco Bay Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
10/03Casco Bay Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
10/04Casco Bay District Eagle Boards
10/05 - 10/07OA Lodge Leadership Development Weekend
10/05OA Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
10/07OA Lodge Annual Meeting & Election of Officers
10/10Casco Bay Commissioners
10/10Casco Bay District Committee Meeting

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Register for summer camp!
(posted 2018-03-20)


Cub Scouts
Day Camps
$175.00 ($150.00 before 04/29)
  • Camp Nutter: July 9 – 13
  • Camp Winslow Park: July 16 – 20
  • Camp Bomazeen: July 30 – Aug 3
  • Camp Gustin: July 30 – Aug 3
  • Camp Hinds: August 13 – 17
Fun Pack Weekends
  • Camp Bomazeen: July 14 – 15
  • Camp Hinds: August 4 – 5
Webelos Resident Camp
$225.00 ($205.00 before 04/29)
  • Camp Hinds: August 8-11
  • Camp Bomazeen: July 29 – Aug 1
STEAM Day Camp
$175.00 ($150.00 before 04/29
  • Camp Nutter: August 6 – 10

FOS - Friends of Scouting - Family Campaign
(posted 2018-03-20)

Thank you to the Packs and Troops who have already welcomed us to present at their Blue & Gold Banquets and Courts of Honors.  You may know that it is through our local council’s own fundraising efforts that we keep the Scout programs running.  The annual registration fees we pay each year go directly to the National office.  The Pine Tree council must fund it’s own budget of $1.8 million/year to pay for our four council properties, office building and materials, professional staff, program and training materials, etc.  Much of our budget is financed through our Community FOS Campaign, gifts from corporate sponsors, recognition dinners and special events.  However, the support of our scout families is also critical.  Please sign up for your unit’s FOS presentation this spring!

Thank you to the following units who have already assisted in providing support to reach Casco Bay’s goal of $30,000.00.  We have reached $14,000.00, nearly 50% of our goal!

Pack 13, Pack 31, Pack 45, Pack 51, Pack 66, Pack 70, Pack 97, Pack 135, Pack 155, Pack 156, Pack 315, Pack 648, Pack 805,  Pack 874, Troop 93, and Troop 93!  

We have just 7 more units scheduled.  Please call or email Athena to schedule your next Court of Honor or other event presentation today!

Casco Bay District Unit Scout Flyer
(posted 2018-03-20)

Pinewood Derby 2018
(posted 2018-03-20)

For Pinewood Derby rules, please click here

To register for this event, visit

District Dinner - Save the Date!
(posted 2018-03-20)

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