2017 Casco Bay District Pinewood Derby!!!

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The Casco Bay Invitational

Pinewood Derby of Champions
Saturday, April 8, 2017
Freeport Middle School, 19 Kendall Lane, Freeport

All Cub Scout Packs in Casco Bay are invited to send six racers (drivers/cars).  Please consider sending your top five racers and Best in Show, or a sixth racer.

Registration begins at 11:00 AM.
All cars will be weighed and measured to ensure they meet derby dimension and weight requirements.  All cars must be built by the Cub driver/partner since 1 September 2016 using an official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby kit.  Replacement parts must be official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby parts.
Width:              2-3/4″
Length:            7″
Weight:            Not over 5 Ounces
Width between wheels:             1-3/4″
Wheelbase:      4 3/8 inches

Racing begins at 12:00 PM.
Driver/Builder must be present.
Prizes/Trophies will be awarded for:    the top five finishers (speed);   Best in Show, Most Scout Spirit, and Most Creative.

A full Raceway Café will be available for lunch, snacks, and beverages.
Pit crew and spectators can buy a patch for $5 on a first come, first serve basis; one to a customer;  from the end of registration thru noon.  Remaining patches go on sale at noon.

Contact:  Ken Sparta, Pack 45, Freeport, ken.sparta@scouting.org, 797-5252 x24.