District Key 3


Role Name Email Phone
District Chairman Brian Butler (207) 893-1849
District Commissioner Sue Dexter (207) 650-5318
District Executive Athena Mann (207) 797-5252 x34

District Commissioner Team

See the PTC Commissioner site.

District Committee Chairs

Role Name Email Phone
Fund Development Chair Vacant
    Friends of Scouting Bill Diffenderfer (207) 632-2482
        Family Friends of Scouting Coordinator Deb Deering
Marketing Chair Krista Morris (207) 576-4673
Membership Chair Bill Brown (207) 415-3652
    Webelos-to-Scout Transition Karen Norton (207) 319-9476
Program Chair Mike L’Abbe (207) 512-6983
    Activities and Civic Service Jamie Connolly
        Scout-O-Rama Chuck Libby (207) 893-2386
        Scouting for Food Vacant
        Pinewood Derby Michelle LeFebvre (207) 807-0984
    Advancement Chair Brian Hansen
        Eagle Boards of Review Nancy Beaupre
        Merit Badge Chair Melissa Medina (207) 400-9903
    Camping and Outdoor Program Chair Vacant
        Cub Scout Camping Promotion Julie Wagner
        Day Camp Director Michelle LeFebvre (207) 807-0984
        Day Camp Program Director Rita Loft (207) 232-4363
        OA Chapter Advisors Robert Carter
Tom Parenteau
(207) 272-0491
(207) 632-6555
    Training Chair Matt Wickenheiser (207) 751-1441
        Cub Scout Training Vacant
        Boy Scout Training Irene LeClaire (207) 712-4662
        Venture Training Vacant
        Woodbadge Course Director N1-218-15 Bob Robinson (207) 615-1447
        University of Scouting Jim Thomas
(Council Training Chair)